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If there are bar codes (e.g. EAN, UPC or Bookland ISBN codes) placed on the majority of goods, it is most suitable to use these bar codes for making the inventory. By this process, all goods are recorded and audited by portable terminals (miniature computers), equipped with bar code reader, and specialized software. Even if stock does not contain bar codes, all items can be recorded and audited by portable terminals – goods' codes and their quantity are entered into terminals using keypads. In some cases the conventional inventory procedure can be applied. The same inventory techniques may also be employed for stored goods inventories.

Our inventory service is always customized according to the needs of each individual client, but it usually includes the following processes:

  • actual inventory of goods and retail stock – recording the quantity of each type of good
  • precise recording of the location of goods
  • continuous random monitoring as well as regular surveillance of inventory accuracy by means of multiple checking mechanisms
  • presentation of results by way of a customized report

Principal advantages of this service

  • higher accuracy and speed – from highly-skilled inventory experts
  • independence and objectivity – results are precise and objective
  • no purchase and equipment maintenance costs (instead using portable terminals, specialized software)
  • no staff training costs
  • no overtime costs

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Retail stock inventories
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Retail stock inventories
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